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About Us

What are BoxBugz?

Boxbugz are the central characters of a charming and expansive consumer brand that offers a range of products and experiences for children. These characters are distinctive for their cube-shaped design, resembling everyday living creatures. They are set in an imaginative world known as BoxLand, which is divided into various magical realms like the Balloon Kingdom and the Enchanted Forest, each inhabited by different Boxbugz characters such as Meen Green, the Honey Bunnies, and Spyders.

The Boxbugz brand has grown to include not only functional toys and games but also a variety of other engaging content and experiences. This includes themed songs and books, educational STEAM shows for kids, captivating mini-movies, and interactive physical stores. In these stores, children can participate in fun and educational STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) activities, enhancing their learning and play experience. Overall, Boxbugz represents a delightful blend of play, learning, and imagination, aimed at creating an enriching experience for children.


How Boxbugz and how it got started.

Grasshopper had a school fair coming up and needed to bring handmade items to sell, but he only remembered to tell Sir Ronts and Meen Green about it at the very last minute. Quickly, Grasshopper asked Sir Ronts and Meen Green for their help to make something special.

They all went to the store together to gather supplies, ready to create something unique for the fair. They came up with the idea to craft boxes into fun, character-themed creations, an idea that would become the very first Boxbugz.

Working late into the evening, they turned ordinary boxes into imaginative, character-filled boxes. The next day, these original Boxbugz were a massive hit at the school fair, selling out quickly because everyone loved them. This creative project marked the beginning of the Boxbugz story.

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